Show me the carbs!

The past two days I have been really relaxed and chilled, which has made a welcome change from the previous two weeks of freaking out with growing paranoia.  Rather than questioning every two seconds if I’m still pregnant, I am currently going with the flow.  That flow the past two days seems to have been carbohydrate-driven. I have been so flipping hungry!

I also have to confess…. that I ate crisps at lunchtime today.  This is not normal behaviour for me, but I just really, really wanted those lovely salty and vinegary potatoes in my mouth.  No one tell the husband please!

My other symptoms have been a bit hard to define and fall into the category of am I imagining it? I have been a little more tired than normal, but not so tired I can’t stay awake during dinner (which I’ve heard other ladies say).  My boobs are a little bigger  (husband is delighted as I have small boobs) and a little sorer, but they are also not that bad (yet). I have some world-class bloating, but I am making strategic fashion choices to make it less obvious.

I felt a bit weird in my stomach when I got up this morning; I would say it was a similar feeling to how you might feel before an exam, except I didn’t have an exam or a particularly noteworthy stressful day at work planned.  And it passed quite quickly, followed by the starving feeling at about 9.50am. Hmmm…

I did a weigh-in this morning, thinking it was going to be a hideous result.  I gained some weight during the last pregnancy/miscarriage situation last December and the sad times that followed.  Before all of this I averaged between 60-61kg (I’m 5 foot 8, UK size 10) and went as high as 64.5kg during the “bleak period” after the miscarriage.  So today when I saw I was 62kg I was almost happy. I mean, I’m not at peak physical fitness because I’ve been “relaxing” for practically forever, but this is not as bad as what I expected.

Of course I then went and ate crisps, but I’ve not had any wine for AGES so it all has to balance out, right?!

Now I’m at the stage where I’m not sure what exercise to do, if any.  I’m taking a conservative approach and have only been doing fairly chilled walks of about an hour at a time around 4 times a week, but that is a steep step back from my normal regime and I can feel my arms going flabbier by the second.  What do you all do?  Is calm/slow cycling okay? Do any of you have any workouts you can recommend that are safe for high-risk situations like this?  Obviously no burpees! 😉

All recommendations welcome!




10 thoughts on “Show me the carbs!

  1. Nope. I’ve been on no pay leave for 6 months until June since I decided to do ivf in Dec.
    It took a lot to offload work but it was a now or never kind of situation. My work can create very tense situations and certainly won’t help these tedious ivf processes.

    Now I’m just being lazy and waiting for time to pass haha.

    Are you working?

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    1. Good for you! Sounds like a sensible idea especially if your job can make your stress levels off the charts. Yes, I still work and it can be intense at times but I’ve been taking special care to not get too upset. As I live in my husband’s country I would be too lonely without work and would go crazy I think!


      1. Yep!! Do take it easy yea?? And don’t hesitate to take leave or time off if needed or wanted too!! We had to go through so much to get here! ☺


      2. Yeah I am fine at the moment and my boss is very understanding. The week I lost the last baby I was too stressed at work and so I won’t let that happen again (although no evidence this was the problem).

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    1. I guess I’m approaching 5 weeks. Ultrasound is week after next but the actual appointment hasn’t been made. My doctor is super chilled and I live close to the clinic so it’s easy for me to stop by.

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