Results are in (edition 2)

It was blood test number 2 for me today. I have been a bit of a nightmare since Thursday when I found out my HCG was at 80 and started worrying that maybe my embryo wasn’t growing as fast as it was meant to.

To say I’ve been paranoid might be understating it.

Hubby has been convinced all weekend that the results would be good (as were plenty of you lovely bloggers too), but me less so.  This is heavily rooted in fear, not in fact.

So what were the results then? I did the blood test on the way to work today and usually the doctor calls me around 1pm to tell me the results.  By about 11am I was edgy and unable to concentrate at work.  By 1pm I was (almost) put off my lunch with nerves. By 2.50pm I was calling the receptionist to ask where my results were. I might have told her I had a meeting at 3pm (mainly true) and that I wouldn’t be able to speak to the doctor if he didn’t call me before 3pm (not actually true).

At 2.59pm he called me (seriously, I checked my call records) and told me my HCG is now a proud 511.

I am actually pregnant.


It was such a relief.  While I didn’t really feel euphoria I felt like a cloud has lifted.  Of course there are many more hurdles and concerning times to get through but I feel good now.  I feel like maybe this one is meant to be.


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