Today after work I went to have my eyebrows waxed. Given that I am not allowed to do fun things like go running, or to the gym, or drink wine at the moment, I suddenly have found all these extra hours in the day. (As a side note, I am now starting to wonder what the hell non-exercising people do with all their spare time?!)

You would think waxing your eyebrows would be a pretty uncontroversial move? Well, I’m here to tell you that even though I’ve waxed my eyebrows 700,000 times over the years and it’s been done by the same lady for the past five years, today for the first time EVER I have developed huge welts on my skin where it was waxed.


I mean, I’m sure it will go down soon and I will survive, but right now I’m quite a fright!  A quick little Google showed me that apparently if you’re pregnant you need to be careful with waxing as your skin is extra sensitive and prone to reactions!!  WOW!

Also, my one lovely cystic acne spot that I was celebrating yesterday has been joined by two friends so half of my face now looks like angry teenager skin and the other half looks like my waxing lady attacked me with a hot hair curler tool. Usually my cystic acne is caused by hormonal fluctuations so I am hoping I have a whole bunch of pregnancy hormones responsible for messing up my face right now.

I cannot help but think this cannot ALL be coincidental, can it?!  Sure I could have imagined a few of these symptoms, but some of them have been way too strong to be coincidences.

So tempted to POAS.  Can I hold out until Thursday?!



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