Symptoms or imagination?

I have officially reached the stage where I am trying to self-diagnose every single ache, pain and twinge in my body and attribute it to a sign that this transfer has worked. Ugh.

I am without any doubt bloated, but that is almost certainly due to the evil progesterone pessaries (which also generate wind; IVF is so sexy!). Regardless, it’s never fun to have a sticky-out belly without being sure there is a baby inside.

I really hope there is a baby inside.

For most of yesterday afternoon and evening I had quite substantial backache and this has started to excite me – the only time that backache can be considered legitimately exciting. During my last FET (which was successful until miscarriage at 9 weeks) I also had quite strong backache but I think it was on day 5, not day 3 as it was yesterday.


I have read, during my excessive online searches, that if implantation is successful the embryo starts burrowing into the lining on day 3 which could – technically – cause backache.  But also I’ve not been moving about very much these past few days and maybe I just have backache in general. So I am no closer to understanding if backache is good, bad or means nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have been off work since Tuesday and I return on Monday, which will hopefully give the little embryo some chill time to make it’s way into my lining and set up home. I’ve got to say that this time off work has felt ultra-indulgent (not in a good way) and also I’ve been quite bored. Even though there are things I could do to pass the time, I have felt a bit listless and had difficulty concentrating.  All I can think is has this worked??!!!! 

Apart from my boss at work and hubby, there is no one else who knows we have made this transfer which has made my restlessness even harder. People are asking why I’m not at the gym, why I’m not participating in the annual local running festival this weekend, and why we haven’t booked a summer holiday. They must think I’m a really boring person because my standard response is I can’t be bothered when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Please let this one work.



9 thoughts on “Symptoms or imagination?

    1. Yeah exactly! 🙂 Are my boobs bigger / more sensitive than yesterday? Am I more tired? Hahaha! And then you hear those stories of people who didn’t know they were pregnant until they gave birth on the loo and I’m like HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!!


  1. Oh god I hope and pray and want for this little one to stick for you guys. Everytime I read your blogs, I feel like I’m reading about myself . The twinges and twangs sound good mate & so does the back ache bit. Damn you TWW! You are pure torture. You got this chick… Hugs n strength your way xxx🙏🏻🌺⭐️

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    1. It’s such a rollercoaster this part and I so want this one to work. I hope you’re right that these (possibly imaginary) symptoms are a good sign! Thanks for the support – it means so much! 👏🏼💪🏼💖

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    1. Oh yes! There’s good cause for checking symptoms during the stims. Just make sure you’re drinking LOADS of water as that’s really important! I didn’t feel that tired during the stims but I have PCOS so I ended up being very uncomfortable with an inflated belly. But it does all go away eventually after the egg collection. Good luck! 🙏🏻

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