IVF: Creating our own baby chick

We all come to IVF from different directions but with the same end goal in mind: a baby. Our journey – because it really is a team effort between you and your partner – is more based on time or lack of it. I’m 37 and, as the media like to constantly remind women, your fertility drops rapidly after 35 so if you want to have a baby you better get cracking.

Unlike many of the people I hear about on online forums, we are one of the lucky couples as we don’t have anything actually “wrong” with us. Probably if we just took our time and stopped freaking out we would get pregnant naturally. Eventually. Or maybe we wouldn’t because time would run out and my eggs would all be rancid (or whatever is the actual medical term).

In any case, I’m 37 and we don’t have a baby, so we’re doing IVF.

Our journey started out when I was about 34 and freshly married. I knew I had a fibroid and I wanted to know if it was affecting my fertility. The doctor told me that it might be but it probably wasn’t and so it was better to try to fall pregnant naturally for a while first. So we tried that. No baby.

A year later in October 2014 I had my fibroid removed. By that stage it was about 6.5cm in diameter and was most likely stopping me from falling pregnant. It was done via keyhole surgery and required a ban on falling pregnant for period of around 6 months afterwards to make sure the wall of the uterus was not compromised.

From around March 2015 we started to really focus on getting the job done, but still no results. My husband and I cut a deal that if I wasn’t pregnant by June we would go back to the doctor and start the IVF process.

By June and still no results I was frustrated and annoyed and our relationship was suffering as a result. There is nothing less sexy than shouting at each other about how much sex you are or aren’t having.

As a result we entered the IVF process in July 2015 and we thought it was going to be pretty fast and straightforward. We thought it was just a few injections, squirting an embryo back in and, voila! A baby!

But no.

And this is what this blog is all about. It’s about our story so far and the next steps we are taking to try and create our own baby.

I’m not medically trained so at no times should anything written here be taken as medical advice. Rather it’s my experience, observations and some information that I could have done with before we started our IVF journey. If you can take something from it that helps you on your journey too then that’s great as well.